which type of workout is the best? HINT: it might not be pilates...

I feel like the title is BLASPHEMOUS. My fellow instructors are over here gasping for air. What do you mean, Pilates isn't the best workout ever? The thing that I've spent hours (and hours and hours and hours and days and months) learning how to teach...might not be the best thing ever? Um, then why bother? My clients are reading this going GIRL WHAT. 

Give me a second to explain. 

I think Pilates is great. I think Pilates is the bomb. In fact, I have studies and articles and anecdotes about how Pilates has kept people safe, mobile, and active for years. When I do Pilates, I feel better. When I miss my sessions for a week (or two...#dontjudgeme) I can tell that my body misses Pilates. I'm a believer in the method. 

That being said, nothing is for absolutely everyone. 


Have you ever heard the DIta Von Teese quote? The one about peaches? "You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches". 

Pilates, my friend, is a peach. 

Do I think Pilates is good for most people? ABSOLUTELY. Do I think most people would benefit from Pilates? ABSOLUTELY. Do I want everyone to try Pilates at least once? 




However, I had to write this because I am constantly asked about "the best exercise". Right, fellow trainers? Every week there's a new article about how spin class is the be all, end all - no wait, this just in, kettlebells are the secret to fitness and oh, shoot, never mind, it's totally hot yoga that's going to cure everything for you.

The best exercise is the one that :

1. keeps you safe


2. keeps you coming

That's it! I'm serious. Bonus points if you find a few different types of exercise that you rotate between! Some people love group classes. Other people love personal training. Weights might be your jam. You might love martial arts. If you've got a smart, sensible trainer who keeps you safe and the method/studio/trainer keeps you motivated enough to continue - bam! You've found your best workout. 

Now, go out there and try a new class, a different trainer, or maybe dust off those rollerblades (and the matching helmet - safety first!). Who knows? It might be your perfect fitness match. 

Of course, if you want to try Pilates - you know where to find me!