my favorite things

you might want to get to know me a little better (or, get to know me at all!) so here are a few of my favorite things - Q and A style!

favorite place to be? london. i studied abroad during college and it was such an amazing place. the people were friendly and the sights were incredible! i think i went to two museums a week!

favorite movie of all time? white christmas. i'm a sucker for a good musical. 

favorite book of all time? is it too cliche to say harry potter? i do love the girl with the dragon tattoo series, the little prince, and the geography of bliss. 

favorite skill? well, speaking of reading, i am a good speed reader and that's come in handy plenty of times. other than that, public speaking. thankfully, i'm not too nervous in front of a crowd!

favorite literary character? jo from little women, or mrs. weasley from hp.

favorite person? charlie, of course!

favorite animal? well, i obviously love dogs seeing as i have two, but if we're going with non-domesticated animals i'd have to say otters. they're so much fun to watch!

favorite board game? i love board games. my family and i play "tellustrations" which is like pictionary mixed with telephone and it's a blast.

favorite subject? history, by far. i have minors in history and political science -  and i got the history minor by accident! i realized late in my junior year that i had taken so many history electives that i only needed two more to get a minor in it. total nerd. 

favorite holiday? i love christmas. i actually really like winter and snow, and i think that seeing christmas lights all around makes it all the better!

favorite food? my great grandma treva's chicken dumplings, without question. 

favorite tv show? rupaul's drag race, ultimate ninja warrior, or the old staple - FRIENDS!

favorite drink? iced tea.

favorite quote? "you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be someone who hates peaches" - dita von teese